It's simple to shoot a photo of yourself or someone you care about every day and then make a video out of.  For those that would like detailed instructions and don't care to just "figure it out" read on or just click a link in our index to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Take a photo

This is the page where you take your daily photos.  Simply click the camera button at the bottom of the page to take the photo.  You will then be asked whether you want to retake the photo or click done if you like the photo.  After clicking done you will see all the photos you have taken in the past.

See all photos

If you click the photo icon on the top of the page, you can see all the photos you have taken for the user that is shown.

Remove photos

From the settings screen click the edit photos button.  You can remove photos from there.  ONCE YOU REMOVE THE PHOTO, YOU CAN NOT GET IT BACK.

Turn on gridlines

Gridlines are used to ensure that you’re face is in the exact spot every time you shoot a photo.  This gives the best effect for a time-lapse video.  You want the top horizontal gridline even with your eyes and the bottom one even with your mouth or knees (depending on if you are shooting a face or a full body shot).  You will want to line up the vertical line with your nose.

Turn on last photo

You would turn on the last photo to help ensure that your face or body is in the exact same spot every time.  If you turn this feature on it shows a transparent photo of the last photo you took.  You want to line up the photo you are taking with your face or body of the last transparent photo you took.

Use rear or front camera

If you are taking a picture of yourself, use the front camera.  If you are taking a photo of someone else, use the rear camera.

Create a video

This is where you create a video from your photos.  You will be able to watch it on your mobile devise or share it with your friends and family.

Choose frames per second

This option will determine how fast the photos are shown.  A typical TV show is 30 frames per second.  That means if you shoot one photo every day it would take 1 second to show those photos after a month.  This gives you the smoothest effect, but it might make your video shorter than you’d like.

Choose number of photos shown

This feature will allow you to show all or just some of the photos you have taken for your video.  The default is to show 100% (or all) of the photos you’ve taken.  If you’re video is too long, you can shorten the video by taking out some of the photos.  The lower the number that is shown the shorter your video will be.

Add music to your video

This is where you select music for the background of your video.  The music will automatically fade down at the end of your video if the clip is too long.  If it is too short, the music will repeat itself.  You can also choose to have no music in the background.

Show timestamp

This will show the date of the photo taken in the bottom right corner of the video.

Show logo

This will show the website on your video.  If you have the paid version, you can take this option off (even though we’d love for you to keep it on).  It must stay on for the free version.

Send a video

This simply emails your video to a friend.  If you want to send or share your video in high definition, you have to have the full version.

Share a video

This allows you to share your video on facebook, twitter, or youtube.  If you want to send or share your video in high definition, you have to have the full version.

Watch a video

Watch your video right there on your mobile device.

Change or add a user

If you click this button you have the option to change to a different user or to add a new user.  Each user has it’s own database of photo and they do not cross over.  This option allows you to use the app to take a photo of yourself changing and your kids changing at the same time.


The settings are where you can control some of the features of the WatchMeChangeApp

View all photos

This takes you to the same place as when you hit the photo button.  It allows you to see all the photos you have taken as well as edit them.


Here, you can set reminders in order to remind you to take a photo.  You can set up to 3 reminders.  You’re mobile device will buzz or make a reminder chime for the time your reminder is set.  You can then choose to go straight to the screen to take your photo, or you can snooze your reminder for 30 seconds.

Tell a friend

We’d love for you to use this option to tell all your friends about this app!

Save to camera roll

When you take a photo with the Watch Me Change App, the photo stays in the watch me change app.  This option, when turned on, will also save the photo to your camera roll

Reset gridlines

The first time you take a photo, you will be asked to set the guidelines to different parts of the body.  This will reset those guidelines in case the position of the photos has changed with growth.

Export all to camera roll

When you take a photo with the Watch Me Change App, the photo stays in the watch me change app.  This option, will import all of your Watch Me Change photos to your device’s cameral roll

Import from Camera roll

This feature will import photos from your camera roll into the Watch Me Change App


If you need help on how to do things – just go here.

Capture weight (only for weight loss app)

When you take your photo you will be asked your weight.  This is a fun feature to watch your weight change as your physical body changes.

Adds on the app

This app is able to stay in business by the ads that show up on the device.  If you don’t want any ads at all, you can purchase the app here.
The Watch Me Change series of apps is one of the most innovative sets of products available for the iPhone today.  Users around the world are learning just how useful they can be, capturing the stages of pregnancy their bellies as they grow with a child, their faces as they change, or their bodies shrink in midst of the success of a diet.  No matter which Watch Me Change product they have – Pregnancy, Weight Loss or Face – they are learning about the full potential of their iPhone with such fun and innovative products at their fingertips.

Yet once in a great while a user might have a few problems getting their product to work.  The problems are usually simple and can be solved easily with a quick bit of browsing through the topics on this page.  If you are experiencing problems getting your weight loss, face change, or pregnancy Watch Me Change app to work the way you want it too, take a quick moment to look through the topics below and see if a quick fix exists for the problem you are fighting.  There is a good chance that moving past it will take only a few seconds with the helpful hints listed here.

If, however, you continue experiencing problems with your Watch Me Change product, feel free to navigate to the Contact Us section of this website to help tackle your problem.  There you will find a quick and simple form that will send your question away to the experts who manage the Watch Me Change apps that chart the various stages of pregnancy, faces changing, or weight loss.  If you are having persistent problems with your app, please do not hesitate to contact our company.  We will be more than happy to work you through your issues and see that you are using your app to its full potential in no time!