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Watch Me Change - Pregnancy

The Watch Me Change Apps are designed to create a time lapse videos that will be shared, treasured, and talked about. They are created by taking a simple photo with your mobile device every day. After a week, month, or even a year, you will have an amazing video like no other. This could be watching a woman's belly grow with her unborn child inside her, a 5 year old turning 6, the growth of a beard, or watch the pounds fall off during a diet. Start creating your video today!.

Creating a time lapse video is fun and easy. Your iPhone will remind you to take a photo everyday. Then simply take the photo of your pregnant body, your child, yourself, or a friend. After a bit of time the Watch Me Change app will put your photos together to make a video for you to share on Facebook, you tube, or even email it to your friends and family

It’s pretty rare that the body goes through so remarkable a change as it does in the various stages of pregnancy.  You have a lot to look forward to!  But in such and exciting time, you really should make sure that your baby has a record of everything involved with the pregnancy timeline for when the little he or she is older, including those radical physical changes happening to your body.  Picture and videos are great, but you really want to find something that will help you remember this special time during pregnancy just as it is – not as it was.  As such, finding a way to capture the real changes that are happening to your body right now is important.  With a pregnancy app like Watch Me Change Pregnancy, however, you can capture the various stages of pregnancy in a quick five to ten second time lapse video, showing the radical transformation of your body from the early stages of pregnancy to the due date in a video comprised of photos of your body that you simply take with your iPhone every day.  This incredible app offers many features, including:

  • Daily reminders to take a picture of yourself directly onto your iPhone
  • Direct integration with social media websites like Facebook and YouTube, allowing you to easily share your video with friends and family straight from your device
  • Versatility and flexibility in how you take your photos.  You do not need to be wearing the same thing or be standing in the same place each time to take your picture
  • Previous photo overlay options that help you match up your body with previous photos already captured by the pregnancy app
  • Full control over the final time lapse video, allowing you to cut out images you just do not like and even to adjust the speed of the video transformation, eventually creating a “video of images” made by flashing your photos one after another in order
Once your pregnancy due date has passed you’ll be left with the greatest gift of all – your child.  But it’s important to hold onto pieces of the process as well, which makes a pregnancy app like Watch Me Change Pregnancy so important.  Don’t let the incredible transformation of being pregnant be lost to time – record it as it happens and give your baby the memory provided by Watch Me Change Pregnancy!

John from Tulsa
I’ve been using this to watch my 4 year old boy grow up. He’s starting to look more like a man!
Ben from Washington, DC
I watched myself loose 78 lbs! The video doesn’t lie.
Kylie from San Diego, CA
I can’t wait to show my newborn what she did to my body! :) This really is a cool app.

How awesome that I can see a beard grow on my face.
Allen K

I can't believe that I now have a video of my child growing up right before my eyes!
Heather H.

This is the coolest app on my phone.
Ben C